The Aviation Fan Club was founded in April 1974, firstly under the patronage of the Czechoslovak Airports Authority and then of Czechoslovak Airlines. At present it develops its activities as an independent subject with the support of the Czech Airlines.
Collectors are associated in this hobby club, collectors of both the advertising items of civilian airlines (mostly postcards, badges, flags, key appendages) and also other collector´s items (slides and photographs, air sickness bags, safety instructions, stickers, pilot and steward wings, kits, prospectuses, timetables and calendars). The members of the Club share as well an interest for the history of aviation and through their collecting activities they participate in the preservation of interesting items for future generations.
Club exhibitions have become a good tradition during the last couple of years. Prague´s general public has shown most interest for the shows linked to major aviation anniversaries, the openings of new lines or the introduction of new aircraft into service. Together with ČSA, other Czech air carriers (Travel Service, Olimex, Air Ostrava, Fischer Air) and Prague offices of foreign airlines took part in these activities (mostly Lufthansa, Swissair, KLM, Malév, Austrian Airlines, LOT, Alitalia, Tunisair, SAS, Canadian Airlines).
Contacts with other collectors clubs and organisations in the Czech Republic (Collectors of Curios Prague, LHS, City Transport Section of Brno Technical Museum, Vexilological Club of Prague, Association of Air Carriers of the Czech Republic, Aviation & Cosmonautics) and other clubs had quite an influence on the evolution of the Club, together with contacts with other aviation clubs (Luftfahrtklub "Otto Lilienthal" Berlin, Repülés Báráti Köre Budapest, Aviation Society of Antwerp, World Airline Hobby Club, International Plastic Modellers Society Modena, COINCAT, LAAS International).

The activity of the Club unfolds according to the Rules out of which we extract:

  • the main mission of the Club is to enable the preservation of items resulting from collecting activities which have a cultural and historical value;

  • the Club participates in the promotion of air transport;

  • the members of the Club are informed about news in air transport, aeronautical industry and collecting through a Club newsletter;

  •  the members of the Club have the possibility to participate in Club meetings, exchange gatherings, trips and film projections;

  • any citizen of the Czech Republic older than 15 years may become a member.


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