Lockheed TriStar L-1011-500

is shorter version of basic TriStar, with longer range.

This type was certified solely with Rolls Royce RB.211 engines. This engine was flight-tested aboard Vickers VC-10 mounted instead of two original (also RR) engines.

tail+RB.211engines. (Foto ©: Petr Liška)

250 TriStars were built, of which:
198 L-1011-1/-100/-200s, length 54,16m, wingspan 47,34 m.
52 L-1011-500s, length 50,05 m, wingspan 50,09 m, yet with higher MTOW than longer L-1011s.
Just 8 TriStars remain in service in Europe - with R.A.F..
Max. 7 other TriStars are still on any aircraft registers worldwide.
In reality, they are stored, damaged and/or op. by airline banned from flying to Europe.
The only other TriStar which in theory can land here is one operated by Las Vegas Sands Corp.
(Casinos & Hotels operator, this company also transports their clients already bored with all Las Vegas Casinos onto their other Casinos worldwide: Bethlehem in Pennsylvania, Macao and Singapore in East Asia).
Just 250 TriStars were built, yet technically superior to its direct competitor DC-10, mainly due to later entry onto market.
446 DC-10s of all variants + 200 modernised MD-11s were built.
1.435 Boeing 747s = the first & biggest wide-body aircraft - were made and its newest variants are still in production.
823 of slightly smaller 2-engined Airbus A300s/A310s were built, of which over 400 still in service.


on left: TriStar arr.RWY24 PRG 2012-03-23. (Foto ©: Petr Liška)
on right: TriStar RAF arr.PRG 2012-03-23. (Foto ©: Petr Liška)

on left: arrival in a sunshine. (Foto ©: Petr Liška)
on right: TriStar taxies for RWY22. (Foto ©: Petr Liška)

on left: taxiing on RWY22. (Foto ©: Petr Liška)
on right: taxiing after sharp U-turn on RWY22. (Foto ©: Petr Liška)

on left: front part with titles. (Foto ©: Petr Liška)
on right: tail+engines+refuelling device. (Foto ©: Petr Liška)

C/n 1157 was a "prototype" of shorter -500 version.
It made its first flight on 16th Oct 1978 reg.'d N48354.
Delivered to British AW on 13th Apr 1980 and named "Princess Margret Rose".
Royal Air Force bought the aircraft on 29th Mar 1983 and registered it "ZD948".
This aircraft was converted into C Mk.1 version in 1985 and reconverted into KC Mk.1 in Sep 1988.
Visited Prague on 23rd March 2012, when some bigger failure was experienced, so that it departed one day later after spare parts were brought there by RAF VC-10.


Author — Petr Liška — (March 2012)


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