Model Lockheed L-9B Orion scale 1:100.

Lockheed L-9B Orion was probably the quickest airliner of its time for 1 pilot and 6 pax. Pax squeezed into tiny cabin.
Only 3 were exported directly to Europe, of which two for SWISSAIR in 1932:
CH-167 and CH-168 (later HB-LAH / J). SR used them on so-called express services, like Zurich - Paris, Basel - Zurich - Wien etc. SR sold both in winter 1935/6 to Spanish republican gvmt. This gvmt used them together with another aircraft of the same type ( totally 13-15) in the Civil War. Not only for transport and reconnaissance, but as a light bomber too!!
Whereabouts thereafter unknown. Swiss Transport Museum in Luzern displays L-9C bought in USA with fake reggie "CH-167".

Steel model was made by NZG Modelle as No.211 in a scale 1:100.

Petr Liška

Air New Zealand had painted in special "The Lord of the Rings" colours 4 aircraft of 3 different types:
2x B747-400, 1x B767-300 and 1 A320.

Each aircraft had different colours. As the first one was painted by the end of year 2002 B747-419 ZK-NBV. As of 2005, these special cs have been removed.
Model company Herpa made models of all four aircraft in a scale 1:400. Models are sold in a boxes displaying proudly model maker Herpa except one.
Airbus 320 model is in a box - advertisement of the airline Air New Zealand (see photo).

B747-419 / AirNZ-Airline to Middle Earth / ZK-NBV


A320-232 / Lord of the Rings / ZK-OJA

B747-4F6 / AirNZ - Return of The King / ZK-SUJ

Petr Liška

Almost all models of all types of airliners of ETIHAD wear a reggie A6-AUH. Not only A380 and B777 models shown, but for example A330 and A340 models as well.
This reggie is currently not used on any real Etihad aircraft. This reggie is used on a REAL Boeing 737-8EX(winglets)-BBJ2 AMIRI FLIGHT.
AMIRI FLIGHT is a state non-commercial organization providing VIP flights for the Gvmt of Abu Dhabi.
A6 is int'l civil airraft marking for United Arab Emirates. AUH is a 3-letter-IATA code for Abu Dhabi Airport, a seat of ETIHAD airline.

A380 / ETIHAD / A6-AUH

B777-300LR / ETIHAD / A6-AUH

Petr Liška

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