Surplus aircraft.

Former RWY22 at PRG is used for long-term parking of surplus aircraft of various airlines.

Feb 20th,2009, I caught three Travel Service aircraft immediately one by the side of another registered in three different countries: OK-TVI, HA-LKC, YL-LCF

Four days later, there were again three ac reg'd in three countries. OK-TVI on left was substituted by OK-TVF at right.

Feb 26th, 2009, all three medium-range ac left the RWY, but from Feb24th till 26th, there was the biggest ac ever operated by any Czech airline: B767-383ER registered on Iceland: TF-FIB.
Few years ago, there was EC- registered B737 also in full TVS colours !!!

Excuse, please, lower quality of these photos caused by typical Feb misty-raining weather.

author: Petr Liška

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