B.Obama and D.Medwedyew summit in Prag

Signing of new START-Prag Castle 8.Apr 2010 cca 12.00



Prag was again in the centre of the world politics:
Obama and Medwedyew had signed new START Treaty in Prag on 8. April 2010 around 12:00 LT (=GMT+2). Exactly (to a single day) one year after Obama had a speech in Prague that he would like to abolish all nuclear weapons at all (in the long term policy).
Medwedyew arrived from Bratislava on 7. Apr in the evening. He was to BTS on official visit on the occasion of 65th Anniversary of liberation of BTS by Red Army from Nazis.
Obama arrived 8. Apr around 9:30.
They planned to sign new Strategic Treaty exactly at 12:00 on the Prague castle (exactly in "Spanish Hall"), the biggest castle complex in the WORLD.
Medwedyew left PRG 8. Apr in the afternoon. After his departure, presidents or prime ministers of ten Eastern European countries arrived to PRG for a dinner with Obama.
Most of them left PRG the same day in late evening. Bulgarian President departed the next morning at 10:00.

Some Prime Ministers/Presidents arrived in a large Government aircraft, like Romanian President in B707 and Polish Prime Minister in TU-154M. Another ones used small business jets and some of them probably arrived by regular flights or so, as there were no VIP fls. from Baltic states or Slovakia.
So that in the evening of 8.Apr, there was a supper for 13 Presidents or Prime Ministers:
Obama, Czech President + Prime Minister as well, Presidents/Prime Ministers of: 3 Baltic States, PL, SK, HU, RO, BG, SLO, CRO.
Me personally, I was at my cottage during Easter holidays and I returned to PRG only on Wed 7.Apr 2010. I was at the airport most of 8. Apr. and some 3+half hrs on 9.Apr.
Now see my own photos (except signing of new START Treaty).

Dmitrij Medwedyew leaves PRG.

IL-62M manuf. Nov. 1993 from rear.

Medwedyew's Mercedes reaches IL-76MD.

Medwedyew's special Mercedes.

Medwedyew's back-up plane.

Presidential planes ready for Medwedew.

IL-62M Gvmt Rossiya RA-86468.

IL-62M 223-ij Otrjad Rossiysskoj Armii RA-86572.

RA-96016 IL-96-300PU with Medwediew on board.


I was not personally present during arrival of Air Force One.
So, I had seen all US Gvmt airplanes parked on unused RWY22. On 8. Apr, I have seen and photographed departure of Foreign Secretary Mrs. Hillary Clinton in Gulfstream V (non-stop to ADW) and her back-up B757 (stop in SNN).
On 9. Apr, I missed departure of Air Force One, as the time of his departure was changed twice and finally he left Prag some 45 BEFORE the latest announced dep. time...
But I have seen more interesting arrivals/departures:
Rossiya/Russian Air Force IL-96, 2 x IL-62, TU-154M, IL-76MD.
Arrival of C-17A, Romania B707 and some bizjets (9A-CRO, LZ-001, S5-BAS,...).
It is interesting, that Mrs. Hillary Clinton had no advantage over regular arriving/departing traffic - see my photos.

B747-2G4B (VC-25A) USA-Air-Force 92-9000.

B757-2G4 (VC-32A) USA-Air-Force 99-0003.

90404 Hillary Clinton's Gulfstream V.

90404 Hillary waits for landing low-cost airline plane.

USA brought their own fuel from US military base in BRD by 8 trucks-tankers. These trucks were driven to PRG on heavy trailers, not on their own wheels (probably as they are not allowed to use public roads...).
USA also had several diesel aggregats + lighting equipment to enlighten B747-2G4 overnight - see my photos.

Petr Liška alias PetrFox.