"Commemorative flag in English, despite that Aeroflot is Russian airline and first regular int'l TU-104jet fl. took place from Russian speaking Moscow to Czech speaking Prague".

CALEDONIA is original latin term for Scotland. Nowadays this word is used for Scotland by poets.
CALEDONIAN AIRWAYS were founded in 1961. Their logo was a derivation of Scittish Royal Lion with bird's wings instead of royal crown on the top. Some heraldics consider it as one of the best corporate logos of all times. They bought and incorporated British United (BUA for short) on Oct 21, 1970. Until Sep 1972, amalgamated airline used name "Caledonian // BUA" (double // ). From Sep 1972 renamed "British Caledonian", "B.CAL" for short.
For some period, this was the largest independent air carrier in Europe. Privatized British AW bought this airline in 1987 and the name "B.CAL" is not used anymore.
BA refreshed the name "Caledonian AW" for its wholly owned charter subsidiary, incl. original painting and logo on aircraft. In late '90s, BA sold this charter subsidiary to Carlson Group. The airline retained its name until approx. year 2000, when sold to Thomas Cook Group, which renamed the airline into JMC Air and the name "Caledonian AW" finally disappeared.

Flag shown is approx. 28 cms high, made of relatively hard plastic. It is now almost 40 years old and so fragile.
This is advertising material of ORIGINAL CALEDONIAN AIRWAYS. This is clear from the aircraft type named on the top: BAC 1-11-500.

Petr Liška

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