air Lituanica

was founded on May 1st, 2013. First fl. Vilnius - Brussels - Vilnius on June 30th, 2013.
Symbolically due to LITHUANIAN PRESIDENCY of EU July 1st - Dec 31st, 2013 !!!
It has just 2 small jet aircraft: 1 EmbraerERJ-175 (leased directly by this airline, reg'd LY-LTF) & 1 ERJ-170 (leased from Estonian Air, painted in full airLituanica colours, reg'd ES-AEB).
On 20th Sep 2013, air Lituanica started regular fls. to Prague (see photocopy of how airLituanica & Air Transport World informed about this event, & see PrtScn of fls. to PRG are shown on the 1st place irrespective of the alphabet order !).

Start-up Air Lituanica finalizes Prague, Munich launches

Due to turbulent history of the country, new airline adopted several national SYMBOLS:

The name of the airline reminds of a non-stop flight by two lithuanian pilots in 1933 from New York to (then capital of Lithuania)Wings of Lituanica monument in Vilnius Kaunas. They crashed some 600 kms short of their destination, on territory of (then) Germany (which is now Polish soil).
Their flight helped build a modern nation !
Detailed story see:
Darius and Girėnas: Failed flight that helped build the nation 
There are monuments to these two pilots not only in Lithuania and on the place of their crash, but e.g. in Chicago as well !!!
Two pilots (see photo) and their aircraft are on 10 LT banknote (see enclosed picture) !!!

10 litai (2001) Banknote

left: Air Lituanica Mag1_43=80thAnniv.fl.(lithuan)
right: Air Lituanica Mag1_45=80thAnniv.fl.(en)

Logo of the airline = double cross.
They decided not to use national colours (as on national flag), "as these cs are already well known throughout Europe Air Lituanica Logo and used by several Lithuanian airlines earlier".
The last pagan lithuanian duke Jogaila became christian in 1386 in order to became Polish King as Ladislaw Jagiello and started using double-cross on its shield. (Thus the last large European independent country became christian in 1386).
This double cross in another colour is official marking of Lithuanian Air Force (see the last enclosed photo of Czechoslovak-made L-39ZA jet-trainer & light-attact ac).

Lithuanian Air Force L-39ZA

Seals on the tail are different ones on each aircraft !
Seal of Vytautas the Great, Duke of Grand Duchy of Lithuania (seal on slightly bigger ERJ-175) and seal of Kęstutis, Duke of Duchy of Trakai (seal on smaller ERJ-170).
(Trakai is now in Lithuania as well, the best preserved historical city in the country).
Baltic Tribes c 1200 Vytautas (in Polish spelling Witold) was the closest ally of Polish King Jagiello in the battle of Grunwald 15. July 1410 (Germans say this battle of Tannenberg, which is confusing with battle of Tannenberg /Germany x Tsarist Russia 1914/). Grunwald is called in lithuanian "Žalgiris" and for example the best known lithuanian basketball team has a name "BC Žalgiris Kaunas". Polish and Lithuanian forces had beaten heavily an army of the Deutscher Orden oder Deutschritterorden. The highest commander of the whole Order (der Komtur) and almost all of his deputies (="ministers") lost lives in this battle and so territorial expansion of this Deutscher Orden was finished forever.

left: Deutscher Orden bis 1410
right: Deutscher Orden 1466

Deutscher Orden was founded to fulfill task of returning "Holy" places in Palestine to christians and to convert pagan tribes/nations on Baltic coast to christianity. This task was fully in harmony with moral and idea of christian Europe.
They christianized and annihilated pagan nation of Preussen & other pagan Baltic tribes (Preussen was a Baltic tribe, one of west-baltic tribes)... all west-Baltic languages are extinct as of early 17th century. Only 2 east/north Baltic languages = Lithuanian and Latvian remain alive today... due to activities of Deutscher Orden...ironically this pagan (non-German) tribe-nation gave a name to easternmost Germans and their territory = Preussen... !!! Later Deutscher Orden contrary to christian moral began to grow forcefully on expense of already christian nations of Poland and Lithuania.
So united Polish-Lithuanian christian army defeated German christian army...
Battle of Grunwald is considered as one of the most important battles of European MIDDLE ages (as concerns its impact onto European history).
See my own photos of air Lituanica ERJ-175 LY-ATF and my own photo of ERJ-170 ES-AEC in full Estonian Air colours. This ac substituted ES-AEB, which has full air Lituanica cs.
Air Lituanica fls. to Prague were already operated also by A320 of Small Planet Polska.

Air Lituanica Mag about the airline

ERJ-175 airLituanica LY-LTF PRG 2013 09 25 and tail of ERJ-170 ES-AEB Estonian Air air Lituanica cs

Seals of Vytautas the Great + Kęstutis

left: ERJ-170 ES-AEC Estonian Air 2013-10-13 (AirLituanica fl.)
right: Small PLanet Polska on airLituanica fl

LY-LTF + YL-BBU from Lithuania + Latvia

For AFC processed Petr Liška (November 2013)


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