Are you interested in badges and wings of airlines? 

First of all on this theme we should mention a couple of words about the beginning of aviation and air transport.

Otto Lilienthal, one of the pioneers of aviation, said in 1889: " A time could come when flying will be a very important occupation for people and this time will happen when we will overcome the abyss between longing and possibility. ", Nobody could imagine that this abstract abyss would be bridged very soon.

First airliners were established 25 years later - exactly on January 1st, 1914 in the United States of America. The St. Petersburg - Tampa Airboat Line Company starts with the transport of civilians over the Tampa Bay in Florida. They started this service with two single-engine flying boats Benoist XIV, each of them only for one person. Unfortunately, several months after the first flight, the conflict between the USA and Mexico came up, travelers lost interest and the airlines stopped their service. We can say that interesting times for collecting starts when World War I finished and in Europe, especially in Germany, France and England new airlines were founded.

The geographic situation of the new State - the Czechoslovak Republic - was giving to this country the big advantage of becoming the main junction of aviation lines. The economic problems of the young State prevented the building of one strong airline, this is why the Czech aviation history is connected with two small private airlines - FALCO and IKARUS founded in 1920. Unfortunately or fortunately the history repeated itself like in the US and these two airlines stopped their service very soon. The next important milestones were the years 1923 and 1927 - the Czechoslovak State Airlines (CSA) and the Czechoslovak Aviation Company were founded. The first CSA flight was dated on the 5th anniversary of the foundation of the Czechoslovak Republic, but due to bad weather conditions, it was postponed until October 29th, 1923. The aircraft was an A-14 Brandenburg ( L-BARC) with captain K. Brabec and Mr. V. Koenig, editor of the Lidové Noviny newspaper. Step by step with technical improvements in all areas, air transport started promotion and advertising. The first promotion materials, postcards, stamps, posters and timetables appeared at that time.

The CSA first emblem we know from pictures and from the aircrafts F-62 Farman Goliath were probably only on cloth. We can recognize the heraldic impact on its future development. The logo's location in a shield or a target and the resulting badges were always done with flair, although it varied as well a lot.

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