Ostatní, rarity, zvláštnosti z letecké dopravy

The only valid banknote, as long as I know, with present TRANSPORT aircraft shown. It is even with a reggie, so that it's known exactly, which airliner is on the banknote: It is IL-62M of CUBANA, CU-T1284, cn 40 53 732, delivered to Cubana in spring 1991.

There are another valid banknotes with some aircraft shown. Like Lithuania - 10 LTL banknote with experimental aircraft Lituanica, in which two Lithuanians had flown over Atlantic in 1933.
Romanian banknote of 50 RON shows aviation inventor Aurel Vlaicu together with a propeller and his sketch of aircraft design.
But those are experimental aircraft, designs, not TRANSPORT airliners.

If you know about another real BANKNOTE with TRANSPORT aircrafrtt, please let us know.

Petr Liška